Marco Manuel Marsili Wick

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Citation in article published in IJEECS


My paper ‘The War on Cyberterrorism‘, released in Democracy and Security, vol. 15, no. 2, pp. 172–199, (2019), doi: 10.1080/17419166.2018.1496826, is cited by Syamsul Ma’arif, Hamidulloh Ibda, Farid Ahmadi, Nanang Qosim and Nur Alfi Muanayah in their article ‘Islamic moderation in education and the phenomenon of cyberterrorism: a systematic literature review‘, published in Issue 3, Volume 31 (Sept. 2023), pp. 1523-1533 of the Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (IJEECS), ISSN: 2502-4752, doi: 10.11591/ijeecs.v31.i3.pp1523-1533.