Marco Manuel Marsili Wick

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Lecture presentation cited in paper on war and technology


My lecture presentation ‘The 21st Century Conflicts: Understanding the Changing Nature and Character of War‘, held on 6 November 2021 at the Diploma Studies Certificate in Global Affairs and Diplomacy organised jointly by the Centre for Security Studies of the University of Buckingham (BUCSIS), UK, and the National Security Faculty of the War Studies University (WSU), Warsaw, Poland, is cited by İbrahim Bora Oran, Sait Yilmaz, Muzaffer Ertürk, and Hüseyin Gün in their paper ‘Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics in Future Wars‘ published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior Research (ISSN:2528-9705) vol. 8, no. 1, 2023, pp. 244-258., doi: