Marco Manuel Marsili Wick

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Paper on Latin-American Presidential Systems published in the Newsletter of Yuste’s Academy


My article on Latin America: The Pitfalls of Presidential System in Banana Republics (DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8083269) is now released and is available at no charge in the Newsletter of the Academy of Yuste, Issue 28 (June 2023), pp. 1-33. The paper, translated by Verónica Guillén Melo, is available also in Spanish América Latina: los escollos del sistema presidencial estadounidense reflejado en las Repúblicas Bananeras (DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8083553) in the Boletín de la Academia de Yuste (Issue 28, June 2023), pp. 1-31. The contribution will be included in the bilingual Annual Newsletter (English: Newsletter Annual of the Academy of Yuste: Reflections on Europe and Ibero-America; Spanish: Anuario del Boletín de la Academia de Yuste: Reflexiones Sobre Europa e Iberoamérica) which will be published in June 2014 in digital and print version by the Fundación Academia Europea e Iberoamericana de Yuste.