Marco Manuel Marsili Wick

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Paper published in the Review of Human Rights


My paper The Frozen Conflict in Western Sahara and the Forgotten Question of Sahrawi (DOI: is published in Review of Human Rights vol. 10, no 1 (Winter 2024), pp. 26-50 (online ISSN: 2520-7032, printed ISSN: 2520-7024).

RHR (abbreviated also as Rev.hum.rights) is an open access double-blind, peer-reviewed “Y” category journal published by the Society of Social Science Academics of Pakistan and recognized by the HEC (Pakistan) [Letter No. R&D(SS&H)/HEC/764 March 31, 2020)].

RHR is published annually since 2015 and is devoted to research in the field of human rights broadly conceived. It seeks to engage in critical study of existing approaches to human rights, as well as developing new methods on the theory and practice of human rights. The journal strives to meet the growing academic need and interest in the study and practice of human rights in the developing world, especially the war–torn countries. The journal aims to serve as an arena for the public discussion and scholarly analysis of human rights. Moreover, the journal is committed to theoretical and ideological diversity in the study of human rights.